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Red Ghost Information

Ours project, “The Red Ghost Project” offer you the possibility to enjoy with the “Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience”. In Spain is possible to fish barbel with dry fly. We can to say what this place is a big paradise still not explored. To fish more than 40 big barbels in one day is normal, always sight-fished and with dry fly. The barbel flyfishing is similar to bonefish flyfishing but dry fly only. On this link you can see more details. The fly fishing barbel Even in winter!, the dry flyfishing is possible.

The Red Ghost Project started in one Extremadura’s place. One day during September or October, cannot remember exactly, I had the chance to asist to what I consider one of the most wonderful nature scenes a Fly fisherman can see which was the "explosion" of Flying-Anthills.

All over the shores of the reservoir where full of exploded Anthills and the most amazing thing was the surface of water almost fully covered with dead Flying ants. Barbels were acting as "vacuum cleaners" with the opened mouth between surface and water trying to catch as many ants as they can.

This helps me to confirm your suspicion about the way the Spanish barbels (of this zone) detect food, and let me gamble the fact this fish is attacking a dry fly is due they have its silhouette written on its mind, but this is just my own suspect, that has been acquired along the years I took customers guidance in this country.

Today, the clients of the Red Ghost Project can to enjoy fly-fishing barbels with dry fly and they’ve discovered in Spain, a destination of maximum quality, of the maximum world level.

Imagine a place where to fish a lot of bonefish with dry fly, to sight fish and in shallow waters, like the flyfishing bonefish but with dry fly. That can to happen in Spain only and ours destination are the best. Spain Fly Fishing Barbel. “The Red Ghost Project” guides, the more experienced of the country in this technique, will make our clients fish on the best places and in the right moment.

Among ours destination are the best Spanish rivers for the brown trout fly-fishing. In them, ours guides will help you to fish the enormous brown trout that feeding in the surface. In the photo gallery of our site you can see the enormous Spanish trout.

Another peculiarity of Spain is the sea trout fly fishing with small dry flies. Imagine to big sea trouts a lot feeding on the surface. The team of The Red Ghost Project will see you to the best Asturian Rivers, where the Spanish sea-trout go upriver like in other world river but a peculiarity; in Spain they feeding on the surface like the resident brown trouts. From fly fishing barbel (The Red Ghost Proyect Team) help you to enjoy.

The Red Ghost Team, Spain fly fishing.